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Who am I?
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   Who am I?

Last update
19 Jul 2000

I'm an undergraduate student in computer science, I also develop the software and firmware for industrial automation devices at eptar srl.
I'm in the computer world since 1990, when I started playing with my Amiga and C language, then switched to PC. I use Linux since 1995, I think it's the best desktop operating system available today.
I like electronics and embedded systems too, I started playing with my preferred RISC microcontroller (AVR) since 1997.
I think that open source software will change the computer world next years, the internet will strongly help this process. Look at SourceForge if you don't believe it yet.
In the same way I think that internet will change our life in next years. Today the trend is to connect everything to the internet, from the toaster to the washing machine, even if we still don't know exactly why!


Claudio Lanconelli
Via Minardi, 10
48022 Lugo (RA)

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